SN-IX is an Physical IXP operated by Noel David Georg.

Feel free to reach out via E-Mail, or Discord. I'm open to advice and new opportunities, or just to chat about networking.

In case things went horribly wrong, please send an E-Mail directly to noc@sn-tux.it. This address is monitored at least 12x7.

SN-IX details
- Free 1G Ports via VM
- Up to 100G are Possible via Colo
- 2a0e:b107:2889::/64

SN-IX - Requirements / Policy
- Has a valid Public ASN.
- Has at least /48 IPv6 address
- Have up-to-date PeeringDB information (preferably)
- Have up-to-date RIR Whois information
- Only send traffic to destinations advertised by BGP on the Peering LAN
- Does not send any multicast (except ARP/IPv6 ND) packets
- Prohibition of abuse


Member AS - Number Name Port Speed
1 AS215649 Noel David Georg 10G
2 AS215828 Tizian Maxime Weigt 10G
3 AS215849 Tristan Klock 1G
4 AS215569 Tropic Solutions 1G
5 AS43607 Bach-IT 1G
6 AS216390 Mesh-IX 1G

If that sounds good to you, please send an E-Mail to:
peering@sn-tux.it | ng@sn-tux.it
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